What got an update?
Good question, the biggest update here is, YOU can choose which Artist will be moved forward to the next step to get nominated in the International K-Music Awards.
Monthly Voting
But how does this work?
Each month you can vote your best Comeback and Debut. After ending of the voting the Top 15 of each month will enter the list of possible Nomination. The Judge of Japako will check then the final list for Nomination.
How long can I vote?
You can vote 1 week for the monthly Comeback/Debut and 3 weeks for the final round.
Can I see the results?
Yes, we will release the Winner of the Month one week after closing. 
How many times can we Vote?
You can vote one time per day. After your vote you have to wait 24h to vote again.
Final Voting
Why is Artist X not nominated?
Since the beginning in 2014 we said we do not include Artist from big Entertainments, this is because we do want to give a lot of artist a chance to shine.
Why is Artist X not nominated in this Category?
We are giving the Artist two spots to be nominated. Thats why you will find some Artist not nominated in some Categories. Excluding Japako Discover and EU Concert they get the chance to be nominated in 2 of 14 Categories


Last Update: February 2017