FAQ | International K-Music Awards
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How does the Voting works?

We are constantly improving the International K-Music Awards. The latest feature we have included is the Monthly Voting. You give a vote to your favourite release of the Month. Each Vote counts and will be included in the final discussion for the Nominates of the Years End Award.

Why are songs from last year nominated and not the newest one?

We are counting the releases between 09.01.2016 and 08.31.2017. Thats why releases from 09.01.2017 can not be count.

What are the Criteria?

The Artist has to be Active during the nomination process, with comebacks, covers or mix tape releases. We count all releases from September 1st (past year) to August 31st (of the current year).  With the monthly Release Voting we are collecting the first round of Nominees.

How long is the Voting Period?

The voting period is written on the top of the voting. Your voting time will be 1 week and 3 weeks for the International K-Music Awards.

How many times can I vote?

You can vote 1 time per day during the voting period.

Where can I check the Results?

You can check the Results of the monthly Voting here. And the final Winners of each Year here.

Why is Artist X not nominated in this Category?

We are giving the Artist up to 3 spots to be nominated. Thats why you will find some Artist not nominated in some Categories. Excluding Japako Discover and EU Concert they get the chance to be nominated in 3 of 17 Categories.

Last Update : November 2017